“The D-Cast: At the Movies” Episode 4


Slow week in Disney Movies News but we still got plenty to talk about. This is the calm before the Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars Movie awesomeness storm that is upcoming.

“The D-Cast: AT THE MOVIES” Episode 3


This week on “The D-Cast: At the Movies”, a D-Cast show/podcast about Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar movies, host Andy Herndon (@andyherndon) is talking Star Wars: Rogue One, Frozen 2,  The New Cinderella, New Disney/ Pixar Trailers, weekend box office report and more.


The D-Cast: At the Movie Episode 2


This week we’re talking Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe including Box office, Han Solo news, Age of Ultron Trailer, live action adaptation of Disney animated classics, viewer questions and more.

The D-Cast: At the Movies Episode 1


We’re back!!!! The First Episode of the At the Movies with Andy Herndon. We talk about the Oscars, McFarland USA and take some listener questions.


“At The Movies” coming February 25

First Episode of “The D-Cast: At the Movies” will release this Wednesday February 15. We’ll be Discussing the Oscars, Disney’s new release Macfarland USA and taking Viewer Questions. That means we need you to tweet Andy some questions.

Use #thedcast.


The D-Cast: At The Movies

It’s been along absence but Andy @andyherndon is launching a new weekly show on The D-Cast Podcast feed called “At the Movies”.  The Focus will be the Cinema of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. Look for it next week. More coming soon!

The D-Cast


The D-Cast Episode 25

On Episode 25 we review the new Disney film “Alexander, and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” and also take your twitter questions regarding all things Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Disneyland.


The D-Cast Episode 24

Episode 24 of the D-Cast is now live! Listen and Share!


The Pixar Theory Returns With A New Video!

Nearly a year ago in,  The D-Cast Episode 12, Andy and I covered “The Pixar Theory” by Jon Negroni. A new video has emerged recently that shows the flow and narrates the story for you. It’s a pretty well done video, and we think you should check it out!

Guardians of the Galaxy Review


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