Disney Travel Tip of the Week 8/26/2013

Take the Bus and Let Someone Else Do the Driving

By Andy Herndon

Each week, we at The D-Cast want to bring you money saving tips for going on that Disney vacation. Often times they are practical things, other fun, and sometimes they are specific to Orlando or Anaheim. We believe that if you are financially responsible, disciplined and are willing to do your homework a Disney Vacation can be a reality for you and your family to make memories together!

This one is for all you flying into LAX or John Wayne/ Santa Ana/ OC airports.

The temptation when flying to either one of these airports is to rent a car. You see reasonable prices for car rentals and think it will be cheaper than taking a shuttle. You also believe that driving to your hotel from the parks will give you more flexibility. Unfortunately this is just not true.

The first problem with this is many travelers are not use to LA/ So Cal traffic. Even experienced drivers find Los Angeles traffic overwhelming and stressful. Stress is something you are trying to avoid on a Disney vacation.

Second, is the idea you will save money by renting a car. Unless you have a very large family this is mostly untrue. There is the price of renting a car, then most hotels charge for you to park that rental car. This charge can be up to $20 a day depending on the hotel. Then driving from your hotel to the Disneyland Resort will cost around $15 a day for parking. This is all not to mention the ever changing price of fuel.

Third, when parking at the parking structure at the Park you have to deal with traffic and the stress of finding a parking space. Once you find a space you have to wait to take the tram from the parking structure to Downtown Disney where you will walk through the shopping areas, through security and then to the park. It has been known to take 45 minutes from parking in the parking structures or lots to the front gate.

To avoid stress, extra costs and untimely waits, we here at The D-Cast suggest using bus transportation.

From the Airport to your Hotel


The Disneyland Resort Express is a great option for getting to the hotel in timely manner while letting someone else do the driving.  The Disneyland Resort Express is those large buses you see around the airports and Anaheim plastered in Disney characters. The DRE is operated by Southern California Grey Line. Go to http://www.greylineaneheim.com  for all the information. Prices are reasonable and you can often get cheaper rates by booking online ($99 round trip for a family of five or less) or using coupons from aneheimoc.org.

This shuttle will take you from the airport to the Disneyland Hotel where you will then pay your fare or give them your prepaid ticket and then be taken to your hotel (check their websites for specific hotels).

I have personally used DRE 5 times and plan on using it whenever I fly to the parks.


A quick side note on this. There are several faux Disneyland Express shuttles that will claim to be a part of Disneyland Resort Express. They are usually 15 passenger type vans. We do not recommend those, as many of them are unsafe and the very fact they are trying to fool tourists into thinking they are an official Disneyland shuttle removes any credibility they may have. If it does not have the symbol that is pictured above on at least the front window or along the side and if it is not a large charter type bus (as seen above, usually with Disney characters, but not always) then it is not a DRE bus.

Anaheim Resort Transit (A.R.T.)


The A.R.T. Busses will take you from your hotel around Disneyland at specific stops, directly to the Disneyland Resort. Different routes pick up more and less often. Go to http://www.rideart.org for all information on the ART.

Even if you get a really good rate on a rental car and it would be cheaper or around the same to rent a car compared to the shuttles, the stress you save by not having to drive and park is well worth it.

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