To Infinity, and Beyond the Console!

by – Matthew Hurley

UPDATED!!! 9/5/13
The time has come, our D-Cast friends
To talk of other things
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
Disney Infinity things… (See what I did there?) 😉

So while the shenanigans of The D-Cast are not being recorded, they are still carrying on in the epic, do it yourself worlds of Disney Infinity. So far…loving this game. Collecting series 1 has been expensive, yet so fun I just don’t care. I’m sure Disney banks on parents just like me. My kids think this is the greatest thing since pin trading, and I don’t know wether to be excited or scared by that :/

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, hanging out with people that have the kind of eyes like Cruella De Vil, you know about this new game. If not, here’s some help…

Build whatever, make your own games, battle your friends, race and more! Cool game right? The console version (Xbox 360 for Hurley, Wii for Herndon) is a blast, but I’m most stoked for the new iPad app, and that is what this article is primarily about.

“Disney infinity: Toy Box” comes to the iPad App Store 9/5/13 (TBA per Disney as of 9/5/13)
Free to play and build your Disney dream worlds on the go!

Here’s how it works: (as best I understand it)
Sync any console version and iPad the game to a Disney ID, and you’ll be able to share your iPad made worlds with any console, or send your console built worlds to your iPad, and keep the fun going! Save the web codes that came with the playsets and characters, and you can use them to add those characters to the app. Power disc objects and themes can be purchased in app. Save some time to play and go to The Disney Infinity website, setup a Disney ID, and enter any web codes that you have. When the game drops, you’ll have those characters available when you sign in with that shiny new Disney ID!

What could be more epic than a portable epic game?!

Disney Infinity is D-Cast recommended with 5 Churros and a FastPass!!!
It is currently available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS
Power Discs, Playsets, and characters are sold just about any place that sells toys.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box comes to the iPad AppStore (TBA) and PC (oct)

I can’t wait to take my game to infinity and beyond the console! What will you build?

Matthew Hurley
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