Why Didn’t Disney’s Million Dollar Arm Do That Well at the Box Office?

By Andy Herndon (@andyherndon)


In the second weekend for Disney’s feel good sports classic Million Dollar Arm, there wasn’t a whole lot to feel good about. This weekend the John Hamm film only grossed 6.9 million dollars which is more than a 33% drop from last weekend. The movie has grossed a little more than 20 million but has yet to break even after two weeks of being in theaters.

The movie was good. Really good in my opinion. You can read my review of it here: https://thedcast.com/2014/05/17/million-dollar-arm-review/.

The bottom line on this film, poor timing. Disney released this movie the same weekend as Godzilla, a week before X-Men:Days of Future Past and two weeks before their own Maleficent. This movie was destined to not do well against these big budget summer blockbusters.

I can understand the decision to release this film when they did. It’s a movie about baseball and a November release probably wouldn’t go over well and an April release, which would have made more sense for movie like this, would have pitted it against Disney’s sister studio Marvel and Captain America: The Winter Solider.

I do not however believe that this movie is doomed. Movies like this tend to gain traction over time, especially in the home video and Netflix venues. Plus, with the international nature of this film, it would not be too hard to believe that this film gains some steam in the over seas markets.

I’m by no means saying that I am smarter than the execs at Disney who make the decisions about when a movie will be released. I do however believe that the poor timing of this film does the actors, crew, and everyone who worked so hard to put out an amazing story,  a disservice. Now many will not see this excellent film, not because it was poor movie, which it wasn’t, but because it was sandwiched in with mega blockbusters and never stood a chance. The performances were excellent, the film was well made and the story was inspiring.

So if you’re looking for another film to see after all the blockbusters, give Million Dollar Arm a chance.

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