Movies I Haven’t Been Able To Watch a Second Time

By Andy Herndon

We’ve all seen those movies that were so bad, so painful, so awesomely horrible, the only reason we stayed through the entire showing is because we made the mistake of buying the large popcorn with the free refill and we wanted to finish it  so we can get a refill on our way out… or is the popcorn thing just me? Movies like “You, Me and Dupree” that are just so painful to watch, that the only way you’ll watch them again is if it’s 3am and you’re awake with a painful ailment that clouds your better judgment.

But there are those other movies. Movies that shake you to the core of who you are. The movies that kept you silent as you walked from the theater into your car. I have a few movies like that. Movies that I would honestly rank among some of the all time greatest movies made, but have only been able to watch them once. Why I have I been able to only watch them once? I don’t know. There are dozens of movies out there that have rocked my world, but the following have done so in such a way that I have not been able to bring myself back to watch them again.

Schindler’s List

UnknownThe first of two Spielberg movies on my list. The tail of Oscar Schindler was brilliantly told in this film, winning the Oscar for best picture in 1994. I was 14 years old when I saw it. It was being played on NBC unedited and commercial free. I was an eighth grader who loved history and was actually preparing to go with my school on a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. I watched this movie with my father and I distinctly remember this being only one of a small handful of times I witnessed my father tear up.

This movie so brought to life the horrors of the holocaust for me that since that time I have been to Poland twice to serve in cultural exchanges. While in Warsaw, I was able to see the Ghetto and place my hands on the walls where the Nazis would line Jews up and murder them for no reason at all.

This movie did not water things down. It was raw, truthful, and hard to watch. So much so, even though I have spent much of my life studying and learning of the events that surrounded that film, I have not been able to bring myself back to watch it.

saving_private_ryan_ver2Saving Private Ryan

Another Spielberg film. One the most brilliant films ever made: Saving Private Ryan.

It was Oscar nominated for best picture in 1999 but lost out to Shakespeare in Love. A film I admittedly saw in theaters as a sophomore in high school on a date, trying to impress a girl about how sensitive I was.  I also have to admit I was then and still am a huge Shakespeare fan. Living in Southern Oregon I constantly find myself in Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare festival, which now runs nine months out of the year and of which I am a supporting member. All that to say, as a Shakespeare fan I recognize Saving Private Ryan was the better film.

I remember feeling sick to my stomach after watching Saving Private Ryan and not abel to eat dinner that night. I have never been in the armed forces or in a battle so I can not imagine what warfare is like. I can say, after seeing this film, I have a profound respect for those who have served our country. This wasn’t just a blood and guts war movie for the sake of blood and guts. Sacrifice, honor, respect, all had new definitions for me after watching this film.

The Passion of the Christ

the-passion-of-the-christ-movie-poster-2004-1020194251My last is probably my most controversial: Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. I am admittedly a Christian and full disclosure, I’m a youth pastor as well, with a degree from a Christian University.

This movie had it’s problems. Historical, linguistic , theological and others but for me the suffering and sacrifice of Christ brought me to tears. I went to the first showing by myself on opening day. I remember hearing crying and weeping around the theater as we all witnessed a portrayal of Jesus being beaten beyond recognition.

As I walked out of the theater, all I could hear was the sound of footsteps and popcorn popping. Two local news stations were actually interviewing those who had just saw it for their reaction. 127 minutes of seeing a portrayal of the man my faith is based around was humbling and brought me to a realization of what true love is. I took a silent bus ride home as I wrestled  with how someone could have a willingness to lay down one’s life for another.

I guess that’s what all three of these movies have in common. A willingness to put everything on the line, to lose it all, for the sake of persons you may never meet. This is a theme I think the world may need to hear. So much so maybe I’ll even take the time and view them all for the second time. But in a culture that’s all about me, these movies show us that’s it’s not. 

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Andy Herndon is the Co-Founder and current host of The D-Cast and, a weekly podcast & blog talking all things movies in the Disney universe, including Star Wars (LucasFilm), Marvel & Pixar and even some Disneyland stuff just for fun. Andy is Southern Californian turned Las Vegan turned Oregonian. He lives in Southern Oregon with his bride and 3 kids who are all growing up to be movie buffs and Disney fanatics. Andy is fan of culture, cinema, creativity & coffee! Contact Andy on the various social media outlets @andyherndon. He would love to connect!

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