Insider Access to Inside Out Coming June 16

2472_io-superticket-1sht-comp24a_B756So you know those previews before movies? Those ones for concerts from the Rolling Stones, UFC fights or performances of the Metropolitan  Opera that honestly most of us ignore  before the real movie trailers begin? We all probably tune them out but perhaps there has been a time or two when one of those previews have piqued our interest.  Those viewings are put on by Fathom Events and this June 16 (my birthday) at 7pm they are partnering with Pixar to bring us something I hope will be spectacular.

Insider Access to Inside Out promises to be a live event (for those of you on the East Coast)  which will include “15 minutes of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Pixar Animation Studios and a Q&A with director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera, and the voice of Joy, Amy Poehler, live via satellite from their Australian tour (” All that on top of being able to view the film 3 days before the general wide release which also includes the new Pixar Lava short.

Every die heart Pixar/ Disney fan should check this out. Hopefully the success of this event will spur Disney to do more of these in the future.

The viewing is pricey, $22 in this authors market (prices will vary theater to theater).  But seeing the movie 3 days before the wide release and all the extras, should make it worth your wild.

For more information go to Fathom Events and keep tuned to for a complete review of Inside Out and this event.

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11115606_10152804239609856_9030040451134430737_nAndy Herndon is the Co-Founder and current host of The D-Cast and, a weekly podcast & blog talking all things movies in the Disney universe, including Star Wars (LucasFilm), Marvel & Pixar and even some Disneyland stuff just for fun. Andy is Southern Californian turned Las Vegan turned Oregonian. He lives in Southern Oregon with his bride and 3 kids who are all growing up to be movie buffs and Disney fanatics. Andy is fan of culture, cinema, creativity & coffee! Contact Andy on the various social media outlets @andyherndon. He would love to connect!

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Podcast, blog and YouTube channel with Dale Wentland and Andy Herndon. We talk all things movies in the Disney universe, including Star Wars (LucasFilm), Marvel & Pixar.

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  1. That is really tempting!

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