Star Wars: Han Solo/ Boba Fett Anthology Film?

han-solo-boba-fett-600x395Yesterday, Liam Gaughn from, reported he has heard from a reliable “exclusive source”, presumably within Disney/ Lucas Film, that the second Star Wars Anthology film will focus not only on the bounty hunter Boba Fett, something many of us  in Star Wars Fandom assumed, but on Han Solo as well.

The post did emphasis that this should still be considered rumor as there has been no official announcement from Disney/Lucas Film.

Before I continue, I will not assume everyone is in the know as to what is happening within the Star Wars movie world.

Two and a half years ago, Disney bought Lucas Film from George Lucas, which included Star Wars and Indiana Jones, for more than 4 billion dollars. When the announcement was made, Disney also announced there would be a new Star Wars movie coming every year once things got rolling.

In usual Star Wars fashion, there would be a new trilogy staring with Episode VII. Also, between each film in the new trilogy, there would be, what was called at the time, a spinoff film focusing on other aspects of the vast Star Wars Universe.

It was announced at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this past April that the spin off films would be called Star Wars: Anthology. The first film of which would be titled Rogue One. Rogue One would  focus on the Rebel Alliance and a mission to steal the plans of the Death Star from the Empire, the fruit of which we see in Episode IV.

There has been much speculation as to what the subject of the second Star Wars Anthology film would be. Boba Fett was a popular rumor floating around, but it was unclear. With this most recent rumor, it can at least be assumed that Disney/ Lucas Film is eventually going to give us a back story on the rocky relationship between the bounty hunter Boba Fett and the pirate smuggler Han Solo.

All this leaves this Star Wars fans wondering… is this a good idea?

Do we want a back story on Han Solo and Bobba Feet? If the Star Wars prequels taught us anything it was that too much of a back story is a bad thing. The prequels gave us a ridicules amount of information about Anakin Skywalk, who would become Darth Vader. So much so it nearly declawed modern cultures most notorious fictional villain. Would too much back story on both Boba Fett and Han Solo take away the certain amount of mystery that has shroud both characters for the last two decades?

There is also the issue of another actor playing Han Solo. Would Lucas Film cast another actor other than Harrison Ford? Would they pull an Age of Adeline and cast Anthony Ingruber who has an uncanny resemblance to Ford (dude looks like a young Han Solo, not too sure about his acting chops though)? Would the general public and especially Star Wars fans, accept another actor as Han Solo other than Ford?

If done right, a Han Solo/ Boba Fett Movie could add so much to the ethos that is the Star Wars Universe.  If handled poorly, this could be a strike against Disney leaving such a film in the company of the prequels.

What do you think? Do you think the rumor is true? Do you want a Boba Fett/ Han Solo spin off film? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@theDcast) and keep the conversation going.

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