Our Wednesday Recommendation: Super Carlin Brothers

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.07.15 AMSo as many of you know, on the weekly podcast we’ve been recommending different Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars content producers.

What does that mean? I’m glad you asked. Each week we look at different YouTube channels, podcasts and blogs about things in the vast Disney Universe. There is so much content out there, it is mind boggling.

From here on out, every Wednesday we will feature one of the Disney related content creators here on the blog (it’ll usually be from the podcast that week). 

This week I’d like to go back to our first recommendation: The Super Carlin Brothers (click the screenshot above to go to their YouTube Channel).

Now this YouTube Channel is not specific to Disney. It’s two brothers, Jon and Ben Carlin who vlog to each other each week. Yet as you watch their channel, it becomes pretty clear they love the Disney Universe, especially Pixar.

They have been constant  proponents of Jon Negroni’s “Pixar Theory”, which we have talked about on the show a few times and I myself hold to faithfully.

They recently released a video on Top 10 Things To Look For In Inside Out. Which gets me even more excited to see it next week! 

I would encourage you all to check them out, give them a subscribe and pass their videos along if you love Pixar!

Do you have a Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars related YouTube Channel, Blog or Podcast you’d like to recommend? Send us your recommendations thedcastmembers@gmail.com or on Twitter @thedcast

About the Author

11115606_10152804239609856_9030040451134430737_nAndy Herndon is the Co-Founder and current host of The D-Cast and theDcast.com, a weekly podcast & blog talking all things movies in the Disney universe, including Star Wars (LucasFilm), Marvel & Pixar and even some Disneyland stuff just for fun. Andy is Southern Californian turned Las Vegan turned Oregonian. He lives in Southern Oregon with his bride and 3 kids who are all growing up to be movie buffs and Disney fanatics. Andy is fan of culture, cinema, creativity & coffee! Contact Andy on the various social media outlets @andyherndon. He would love to connect!

About thedcast

Podcast, blog and YouTube channel with Dale Wentland and Andy Herndon. We talk all things movies in the Disney universe, including Star Wars (LucasFilm), Marvel & Pixar.

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