Tabitha’s Disney Story

Liloandstitch_431My Disney story has to do with Lilo and Stitch. My name is Tabitha, I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been a passionate fan about Disney since I can remember. I wear my heart on my sleeve so I connect with every Disney movie but I don’t think I was really hit to my core until Lilo and Stitch (not to be confused with Rapunzel and Belle totally being my princesses).

My mother was adopted, her parents and her went to Hawaii almost every summer. My grandmother had an unnatural obsession with Elvis, so obviously we all went to see Lilo and Stitch it in theaters. Nothing could prepare me for all the crying and holding that would be done in that theater.

So skip a few years to my beautiful and wonderful grandma gets cancer and subsequently passes. My grandmother was our family pillar and my mom’s best friend. My mom has been pretty lost for a while and after everything that’s happened. I see Lilo and Stitch differently. I see now just how lost poor Nani is. Nani needs Lilo not just because that’s her last bit of family, but because that’s her last bit of normal. Lilo tries to guide her back.

I’m Lilo and my mom is Nani. She needs her normal back and I hope when day I can give it to her. I see my mom back to normal when we watch that movie or any Disney movie together. Disney for me is a normal and very happy mother. That right there provides me the greatest happiness. That’s my Disney story!

About the Author

Tabitha is Southern Californian turned Georgian. She lives in Atlanta,  Georgia with her very supportive and creative family (though she loves living in the clouds from time to time). Tabith is fan of fiction literature, cinema, creativity & laughing! She is an aspiring writer with two book series in progress. She also loves drawing all things and posting to paigeedraw (tabitha gillentine) and deviantart (xxwolfyxx13). Contact Tabitha on these two outlets. She would love to connect or even draw you something!

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