Disney Nature: Disney’s little gem that’s great for everyone


By Dale Wentland

Disney Nature is a division of the Disney company that produces animal documentaries with story lines. Disney Nature started in 2008 with a documentary called The Crimson Wings: Mystery of the Flamingos. Disney Nature then went on to make critically successful documentaries one after the other.

2008 “The Crimson Wings: Mystery of the Flamingos” narrated by Mariella Frostrup (Documentary Narrator) 82%

2010 “Oceans” narrated by Pierce Brosnon (James Bond in the bad ones) 81% Rotten Tomatoes

2011 “Wings of Life” narrated by Meryl Streep (Into the Wood) 80% Rotten Tomatoes

2011 “African Cats” narrated by Samuel L.Jackson (Star Wars) 71% Rotten Tomatoes

2012 “Chimpanzee” narrated by Tim Allen (The Santa Clause) 74% Rotten Tomatoes

2014 “Bears” narrated by John C. Reilly (Wreck it Ralph) 89% Rotten Tomatoes

2015 “Monkey Kingdom” narrated by Tina Fey (Muppets Most Wanted) 94% Rotten Tomatoes

These movies are interesting, well executed, informative and most importantly they help connect you to the animals of our world in a way that not many films have done before.

The narrator sets up a story line for the viewer to follow, even my 4 year old son could follow along. In Monkey Kingdom it teaches you the vast complexity of the Monkey’s society and shows the viewer that they love and hurt just like people do. That was the biggest take away for me and my kids (9 and 4).

Why is this important?

We need people and children especially to understand that animals are not just “Animals” that they are complex creatures with feelings. These documentaries not only provide great entertainment but are great education tools to understand the importance or protecting the Earth and all of it’s creatures.

Another teaching is that different doesn’t have to be scary, bad or weird it’s just different and things can be different and work just fine. I don’t mean to get all preachy but the Earth is a pretty important thing in our lives and these documentaries can go a long way to creating empathy for things that are different and greater than ourselves.

Please pick one of these to watch by yourself or with your family and leave comments below telling us what your or your kids biggest takeaway was!

About The Author

11423353_10153033121703380_1331303665_nDale Wentland is a father of 2 boys and has loved Disney films and Disney things since before his earliest memories. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada which he is eternally grateful for and has a job he loves. Dale has very eclectic tastes and feeds off of others passion. Some examples are Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Sports (Go Canucks Go) and comic books! You can follow Dale on Twitter @dalewentland.

About thedcast

Podcast, blog and YouTube channel with Dale Wentland and Andy Herndon. We talk all things movies in the Disney universe, including Star Wars (LucasFilm), Marvel & Pixar.

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  1. smilingldsgirl

    I have been doing a Disneynature watch over at my blog and I agree they are totally hidden gems. I have 2 more to watch and review (Chimpanzee and Bears) and so far my favorite is the Crimson Wing one about the flamingos. It really got me emotionally invested and when the little baby birds have those salt shackles and they can’t keep up with the group…I was legitimately upset!

    The only one that didn’t really work for me was the bug one but it still has some neat photography. Which is your favorite?

  2. Paul Dela Cruz

    I agree it’s a great educational tool for kids as well as adults! My sisters down living down in Cali always take there twins to Disneyland. They are avid Disney Fans too!

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