Thingamavlogs: Something Special is Happening

Editors Note: Thingamavlogs is back! Keith is no longer with the group and that is unfortunate but we are excited for new content from Thingamavlogs. They are putting their videos back up and you can go check some of them out now! 
We’ve had a great response from this post and we hope if there is anyone out there who feels alone that this post and Thingamavlogs shows you that we are all here for you! We have left the post unedited because it’s about our love for Disney and that’s all that matters. 

Thingamavlogs is a daily Disney super vlog. It’s all about the love of Disney in every way you can love it. There are 5 members of the team and each day (Monday – Friday) one member releases their own vlog based off of a weekly theme.

Monday: Patrick (Patrickzfilms)

Tuesday: Sarah (imSarahSnitch)

Wednesday: Keith (Keith Lapinig)

Thursday: Tiff (Whosits and Whatsits)

Friday: Leo (MrLeoZombie)

These 5 are the most supportive, passionate, interesting and genuine people you can find on the internet. They are always reaching out to their fans and are very inclusive in their process. They are the reason I felt comfortable to start to listening to and my inspiration for writing these blogs.

You get something different with each person.

Patrick gives you sweet crazy excitement that is infectious. You can even see the impact he’s been having on Keith. Patrick marches to the beat to his own drum well more like symbols that you smash together. Patrick is a great way to start a Monday.

Sarah is a pro. She worked for Disney and knows all the ins and outs. On her own channel she has a monthly vlog called “Down to Disness” and it’s really next level. Her passion for Disney is really at the core of her being and it shines through even when she is grumpy (which seems to happen when she is tired, hungry or losing at something)

Keith has this gentle soul and compassion that you rarely see in people. He is really creative and seems to have a million hobbies. He loves meeting the characters and probably can teach them a thing or two about themselves. If I was in charge of Disneyland I would make him head of character scouting and training.

Tiff, what a talent! She runs her own adult oriented Disney inspired clothing line called Whosits and Whatsits which I have purchased a couple things for myself; like the Baymax hat I am wearing in my bio. She is as sweet as a Disney Princess and incredible brave.

Leo is multi talented, from his art to his signing he this jack or all trades who you would love to be buddies with. He does not take himself too seriously but puts a lot of himself into everything he does. He is very active with his online community and would probably give you his last drop of water. He is one of those guys that saw heroes for the metaphors they are and actually applies the values he learnt to how he lives his life.

Now why am I writing this?

Well they have done so much for me and I think they could do more for others. They made me realize I wasn’t alone in my Disney love. They introduced me to Disneybounding and in the last couple of weeks they have really took their channel to a level that really resonates with your core being.

It started with Inside Out week. They really pushed the boundaries of their format by embodying each emotion from the film. Tiff really pushed herself by skydiving which she was terrified to do. She proves bravery isn’t an absence of feeling fear it’s pushing forward when you are most afraid. It was really inspiring not to mention the other episodes of the week were creative and groundbreaking in the format.

Last week they launched When did it start for you? This was just as much for the community as it was for themselves. Everyone’s passion and love for Disney runs so deep. I had never heard anyone else explain how Disney makes them feel the same way as it makes me feel. Sarah’s video was very emotional and is the reason I am writing this.

I had a somewhat hard childhood. We moved a lot. I changed schools often and it was hard for me to make friends because I was always the new kid and I didn’t know how to be friends with someone for a whole year. When I was about 7 my mother left me, my half brother and half sister (same Mom) and didn’t come back. When she did come back she only took me to live with her. It was good for a time even if we did move a lot but she was young and the responsibility of a child was too much for her. She started leaving me home alone for very long periods of time when I was 11.

My Dad had enough and was able to get the courts to let me live with him. There I had to go to another new school for 2 month then next year I would go to a school in my proper catchment. Films and video games were my only constant. My amazing aunt and uncle took me to Disneyland when I was 8 and 10 which was an important time for me to have that attention. It’s on those trips and watching those movies where I realized the type of person I needed to be. Feeling alone didn’t mean I was a victim. I needed to grow and rise above it. Dreams, passion, integrity and compassion had become apart of me like all the heroes I watched in Lion King, Aladdin and Hercules.

Andy was kind enough to allow me to join his team here at and I am eternally grateful. It’s that type of inclusion that makes this site and Thingamavlogs so special. Everyone is welcome! Even if you hate Disney you will be welcome because together we are stronger and Thingamavlogs shows us this every week. Thank You Andy and Thank You; Patrick, Sarah, Keith, Tiff and Leo you are bringing us all together so we don’t have to feel alone anymore.

About The Author

11423353_10153033121703380_1331303665_nDale Wentland is a father of 2 boys and has loved Disney films and Disney things since before his earliest memories. He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada which he is eternally grateful for and has a job he loves. Dale has very eclectic tastes and feeds off of others passion. Some examples are Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Sports (Go Canucks Go) and comic books! You can follow Dale on Twitter @dalewentland.

About thedcast

Podcast, blog and YouTube channel with Dale Wentland and Andy Herndon. We talk all things movies in the Disney universe, including Star Wars (LucasFilm), Marvel & Pixar.

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  1. smilingldsgirl

    Youtube can be such a pain. There are so many cool things I’d like to do but dealing with the copyright stuff is so limiting. I wish they would just make a store or some way to buy clips so you could honor the copyright and still do your reviews. Or something. Sounds like a neat channel.

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