“The Golden Grammas of Disneyland” – A Disneyland Story

unnamed-2Before you read about the “Golden Gramms of Disneyland” check out the promotional piece they did with Disneyland!

Disneyland Commercial of the Golden Grammas of Disneyland!

Our Story..and what a story we have…

I started going to Disneyland in the early 70’s. Fast forward to being a mom and taking my own kids, now that my kids are older. I’ll wait for my grand babies to get a little older to take them, but in the mean time here’s our story: The Golden Grammas.

It all started when I {Cindy} won a trip to Disneyland. I  wanted to take my family, but the trip was only for four so I thought I’ll make this a trip for me.  I called my cousin Pam, then my sister in law Kim and finally my cousin Lavonne and said” “Hey, wanta go to Disneyland?” So we made the plan and gave ourselves a name “The Golden Grammas” and December 2014 we went to Disneyland!!!
unnamed-1What a great time we had… Four days of Grammas being little girls again. We came home with pictures and stories. Fast forward Feb. 2015. I saw on facebook that Disneyland wanted to hear your fondest memories. So with so many wonderful memories I thought “well, the newest was the Golden Grammas”. So I submitted a collage and told our little story. A few days later got a email from Believe Media that were considering using our pictures in the 60th Anniversary Commercial. AWESOME I thought! Well, another couple of days and then another email. They wanted to SKYPE with The Golden Grammas! GREAT, but how do you SKYPE? We got it figured out and there we were SKYPING with Belive Media and Director Jeff Darling. Two more days and we got a call from Sally with Believe Media. Not only did Jeffrey like our collage, He wanted the Golden Grammas IN HIS COMMERCIAL !!!!
The Golden Grammas are going to Hollywood. What a Magical Time! Memories that even after we’re gone from this earth .Our Grandkids will still be able to say. ‘ That’s my Gramma!”

unnamedWe’re trying to get to Disneyland December 2015 to enjoy the Diamond Celebration and I’m working on new “Blue and Bling Mickey Ears” just in case we get to enjoy the Magical Place called Disneyland again.
 Well, that’s our story! Attached the picture A submitted and link to commercial and us..a picture so you can tell who’s who.
Thank You for your time! Hope you enjoy “Our Disneyland Story”
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Like The Golden Grammas on Facebook

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  1. Would love to hear and see more of the Golden Gramma’s….

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