Disney Kingdoms: Figment


After reading “Seekers of the Weird” I assumed “Figment” wouldn’t be as good. I should have known better though Jim Zub created one of my favorite new series “Wayward” it’s like Buffy in Japan. Zub uses mythology to create great depth in the characters and environment. He also applies those same talents to  the Disney mythology in a most excellent way.

Just like in “Seekers of the Weird” there is a interesting introduction by a Disney Legend this time it’s Tony Baxter. People often skip introductions but don’t skip this one. It’s a good read to understand the origin of Figment and it helps give you context to the story. After that we are introduced to our main character “Blarion Mercurial” or “Dreamfinder” Zub does a great job at getting you to like his characters almost immediately.

The Pace in Figment is fantastic. I read it all in one sitting because there was nowhere I wanted to stop. This is the story of the first Imagineer and his machine that makes dreams real, mind over matter as they put it. Very quickly we are introduced to Figment and you love the him right away. The characters are then sent on a Wizard of Oz type adventure where we get to meet even more likable and interesting characters.

If you already love Figment from E.P.C.O.T then you will thoroughly enjoy this story. If you have no idea what this is then you should be glad Figment is no longer absent in your life.

After I was done reading “Figment” I felt incomplete. I knew there was a lot more story to be told. So like any Disney fan I wished upon a star and guess what? This September “Figment 2”  is coming out! (You’re welcome!) So go now and pick this book up, you’ll be glad you did!

What did you think of “Figment”? What attraction do you think Disney Kingdoms should cover next? Comment or tweet us we would love to know!

About Dale Wentland

My Name is Dale Wentland. I am a father of 2 boys and have loved Disney films and Disney things since before my earliest memories. I live in Vancouver, BC which I am eternally grateful for and have a job that I love. I would list all the things I love but I have very eclectic tastes and feed off of others passion. Some examples are Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Sports (Go Canucks Go) and comic books! Follow me on twitter @dalewentland.

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