The Fall of Maleficent

By Shannon McCarter (@McCarterShanon)

d9a2d9a0d9a1d9a4d9a0d9a6d9a1d9a7-d9a1d9a6d9a0d9a5d9a2d9a5-d9a5d9a7d9a9d9a2d9a5d9a4d9a7d9a7Out of all the new Disney live-action remakes/sequels, Maleficent has been the biggest disappointment, at least for me. I’m a huge Sleeping Beauty fan, so I had very high expectations going into this movie, and unfortunately it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Thinking about it now, if it been made by anyone other than Disney (or had just been some random book) I might be a little more forgiving. But the fact that this movie basically nullified the original just makes me want to scream!

Let’s address the elephant in the room first shall we? They. Changed. The. CANNON! From the moment they introduced the three fairies with different names I was instantly angry. Honestly, if all everything else in this mockery stayed the same but the fairies had their original names, I would probably only be slightly agitated. They didn’t just change that though; does Disney really expect me to be okay with anyone other than the prince breaking the spell? The whole “Maleficent breaks her own curse by falling in love with Aroura” thing was just a side effect of Frozen. Don’t get me wrong, some guy you just met in the woods definitely won’t be your true love, but why even have Prince Philip at all if he’s not going to do anything?

Speaking of changing character arches, every single character was turned into a way less interesting version of themselves. Well, except for Aurora but she certainly didn’t get any better either. Philip was useless, the fairies were bumbling idiots, and the king was paranoid and power mad. Worst of all, Maleficent, the badest of the bad, was turned into a hero! No!!! Maleficent was my favorite villain because she was the most evil villain to come out of Disney; now that’s all gone. She has been reduced to this sub-par bad guy who can’t even follow through on her revenge plan. Once again, this is a byproduct of Frozen in that Disney is trying to show depth and trying to teach kids that people can do the unexpected, but there must have been another way.

On the whole, I’m all for seeing classic tales from different angels. Just look at The Lunar Chronicles: they barely resemble the original content and yet they do an amazing job following the old plots. I love that Disney wanted to give old Mal a backstory and further demonstrate that true love can come from anywhere, but they didn’t need to change everything about Sleeping Beauty to do it. This is where Cinderella and the Jungle Book (speaking from reviews) really shine; they took the original material, enhanced it, then built on to it. Allinol (lol Disney puns), Maleficent could have been amazing, but I think “Frozen fever” had it lost in translation.

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  1. Canon, not Cannon.

  2. Ralph Peterson

    Angle, not Angel.

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