Identity in The Jungle Book

Andy explores the theme of Identity in Disney’s new live action The Jungle Book.

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  1. Graham Schwartz


    Another theme I noticed was the importance of family & loyalty. Yeah, Mowgli had a lot of influences in his life in the movie (both animated and LA). We see him mostly with Bagheera and Baloo, but when you really look at it, he has deeper ties to Rashka & the wolves. Mowgli was The live action version beautifully displays the relationship with Mowgli and the wolves. From the running scenes in the beginning, to citing the “wolf motto” multiple times, and coming back to save the wolves from Shere Khan and not going to man village.

    Like you said, Andy, Mowgli is man, but has never known man; he doesn’t know his real family. He is slowly figuring out his identity. The only family he knows is his wolf family and his friends in the jungle, such as Bagheera and Baloo. And he shows tremendous loyalty to them all, by standing with them to fight Shere Khan and not run away. Mowgli is the reason why SK is mad at the wolves, and because Mowgli is part of the “pack”, he chooses to help, instead of going to village. And in the most touching scene of the movie, Mowgli cites the “wolf motto”, and then everyone else started to say too. Ahh, just a great scene to a wonderful movie.

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