The Trouble with Jasmine


By Shannon McCarter (@McCarterShanon)

Jasmine has been one of my least favorite princesses for a while now, but I never really knew why. I like her fiery personality and I love that she seems to be a take-charge, independent women, but is she really? Something has always seemed off about Jasmine to me and I have finally discovered what it is: She’s a hypocrite. Before you break out the pitch forks, allow me to shed some light on the real Jasmine.

All the female leads to come out of the Disney Renaissance share one common character trait: they aren’t damsels in distress. That is probably the biggest and most obvious difference between the Renaissance and the Classics. When it comes to Jasmine, she certainly comes across this way and there is no denying that she has a more modern mind-set. After all, one of the best “girl power” lines does come from her: “How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!” However, Jasmine seems to be all bark and no bite; she may say that she isn’t a prize to be won, but she sure acts like it.

Throughout the movie, Jasmine rebels against her father’s wishes and always says that she wants to be free and be her own person. But when you get down to it, she’s all talk. Yes she does run away, but her little jaunt to the market came off more like a whiney teenager begging for attention, not as a real means to get her freedom. She was caught fairly easily and I think she really just wanted to get a rise out of her father. Also, it’s not like The Sultan is forcing any one suiter on her; she still has the ability to choose who she wants to marry as long as he’s a prince. This is totally reasonable considering she has never even left the palace, when would she even meet someone who isn’t royalty?

It doesn’t stop there; in the beginning, Jasmine tells her father that she wants to marry someone she loves. This is, presumably, why she is okay with marrying Prince Ali, aka Aladdin. But she literally went on one date with him, I’m sorry but love does not work like that. It seems more like she just gave in because he was a much better option than the others, which makes me think that all her rebel talk was nothing more than her throwing a tantrum. To me, this shows that Jasmine never really believed in what she was preaching, she was just looking for attention.

If it had taken a little more to get her to come around to the idea of getting married then there wouldn’t be a problem, and Jasmine still gets points for showing girls that you should have a say in what happens in your life. But she loses about half of those for not following through. While it’s good to voice your opinions and to not want to be a pawn in someone else’s game, you shouldn’t just dig your heels in until you get your way. If you want to take control you have to actively practice what you’re preaching, otherwise you’ll be nothing more than a rebel without a cause.

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