Month: June 2019

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Solar pool covers are swimming pool covers that are best in keeping the heat of pool water, especially for those days that the temperature is low. They can also be called solar blankets. From the word itself, solar means that the heat energy involved is natural; came from the sun. It is the sun’s heat being used to heat the pool water. 

In so doing, solar pool covers can be a breakthrough in the never-ending financial problem. Using a solar pool cover can save money in heating the swimming pool, which allows pool lovers to enjoy swimming as long as preferable. In addition to this, solar covers also help in the extension of the effectivity of the swimming pool chemicals. Another cost beneficial offering solar blankets can provide.

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work

To understand more, solar pool covers if to describe the look, is more likely of a full blanket of bubble wrap. These are plastic sheets with one side smooth, and the other is full of air bubbles. The bubbly bottom is the one facing the pool water to trap heat effectively. The soft side is the one facing the sun to receive and absorb sufficient heat. For best result, use the solar pool cover as often as possible. Even if the pool is busy, manage to place the solar sheet every other swim. To maximize the contained heat and also to reduce the evaporation process. Evaporation is the primary reason for heat loss; when water and air meets. 

There can be an easy way to conveniently put up and take off the solar pool cover to maximize its usage. That is, by making use of a metal reel. Attach it on one end of the swimming pool. Roll over the solar pool cover if wish to use and close the pool. Likewise, roll back the metal reel if planning to use the swimming pool and take the blanket off. Solar pool covers do not need any attachments on sides of the swimming pool deck. They work by just letting them float on the surface of the swimming pool.

Furthermore, regarding the work of solar pool covers, other than keeping the heat, they also keep the water. The best way to keep the pool water warm is to keep the water. It is not by using any swimming pool heat pumps, or by adjusting the temperature of it to the highest degree. The bubbles of the solar blanket underneath the pool water work like a magnifying glass. It spreads the warmed of the sunlight– same as the magnifying glass that expands any image. Alternatively, recall a science experiment that involves a magnifying glass, sun’s rays, and a sheet of paper. What happened there? That is the picture of how solar blankets work. 

Solar pool covers come in a wide variety of sizes, material component, thickness, and colors. The effectivity depends on the options stated. You may also be interested about blue wave winter cover seal for above ground pool. So choose the right one that best fits your needs, your choice, and your style.

How to Put a Pool Cover on By Yourself?

Free yourself from expenses that we may consider unnecessary. Why do you have to pay for someone to install your swimming pool cover if you can do it all by yourself? Remember that the swimming pool is yours. No one is capable enough to maintain it except you. Likewise, only you have all the rights to experience the fruits of your labor. 

In doing so, prepare all the necessary materials for use. You will need a massive drill with a ¾ inch of size Masonry bit, a tape measure for the measurements, a heavy hammer, and a chalk line or chalk alone for the markings. These are requirements on both rectangular and free-form swimming pool. 

How to Put a Pool Cover on By Yourself

To purchase a swimming pool cover is the very first thing you need to do on whatever type of swimming pool you may have.

Rectangular Swimming Pool

1 Measure the length and width of the swimming pool cover you purchase. Start from one corner to another.

2. Measure the length and with of your swimming pool. 

3. Divide the difference in the measurement of the swimming pool cover and the swimming pool in half. After seeing the result, start to measure from the swimming pool edge. Mark the deck with chalk the ends of the two distances. 

4. Snap a chalk line on four chalk marks of the length and the width measurements. Add 30 inches for each. 

5. On the first corner, find the intersection of the chalk line. From this point, measure about 16 inches on the ends of both lines. Make a chalk mark for this. Do the same process for the rest of the corners.

6. Drill all four corners (16 inches away from the intersection). It is now ready to attach the springs. Spread the straps on all the edges to centralize the swimming pool cover. 

7. Measure the distance of the anchors from one another. Make a chalk mark. Drill holes on the ends and sides to be used for the remaining straps. 

Free-form Swimming Pool

The measurement method is not applicable for this type of swimming pool. Instead, the centering process is what needs to do to know the locations of the anchors, springs, and straps.

1. Let the pool cover floats on pool water to overlap the pool edges equally. Place the springs on the straps. Put the springs on the cover.

2. Work on the inside strap to the outside strap. Drill 2 holes on the ends of the pool about 4-8 inches behind the location of the strap and put 2 springs on each. Adjust the straps with equal tension and overlap.

3. Drill two holes and attach the anchors on both sides of the pool. Assemble the anchors and springs. Drill 2 more anchors at each end of the swimming pool. 

What needs to make sure in the installation of a pool cover with free form swimming pool shape is that the swimming pool cover is centralized, with equal spring tension, and the panel seams run smoothly in any direction.