Category: Above Ground Pool Covers

How to Cover Above Ground Pool?

Cover an above ground swimming pool from three different types. Choose from winter covers, solar blankets, and leaf nets.

Winter Covers

It is generally a tarp, with grommets on each corner. It uses cable and winch to assemble and protects the swimming pool from elements (debris, production of algae, losing chemicals). To install:

  1. Winterize the swimming pool. 
  2. Put the pool cover on top of the swimming pool. Ask for help.
  3. Tie down the winter pool cover with cable on loops and grommets. Tighten up with a winch.
  4. When the pool cover is secured at the top of the swimming pool, tightly wrap around the side of an above ground swimming pool to avoid it from flapping. 

Solar Blankets

It can heat the above ground swimming pool at daytime and secure that heat overnight. To install:

  1. Purchase an above ground solar blanket swimming pool cover. It comes in a roll.
  2. Have a spot check of the cover. It should not have any holes or rip. It should not also tear apart.
  3. Place the solar blanket on top of the above ground swimming pool. The flat side on top and the bubble side facing the pool water down.
  4. Pull down the solar blanket across the top of the above ground swimming pool to fit and secure it. Ask for help.
  5. Cut the solar blanket prior to the diameter measurement of the above ground swimming pool. Tuck tightly the edges of the sheet under the ring of the above ground swimming pool. It is to assure that the solar blanket is flat and fit above the swimming pool and eliminate it from flapping caused by wind.

Leaf Nets

The above ground leaf net covers are durable and made from polyethylene material. They can keep the swimming pool cover clean in such a way that it traps leaves and other debris from falling directly on top of the pool cover. Its fine mesh do all these. However, be reminded to remove it when cold strikes. 

To install:

  1. Place the leaf net above/at the top of the winter swimming pool cover.
  2. Make it flat-fit on the entire winter pool cover. 
  3. It must be 12 inches below the water line as a standard size. If not, do not stretch it to fit. Purchase a larger one.

Hug the side wall of the above ground swimming pool and leave it on top.

Cable tie the leaf net around the above ground swimming pool. Use thread cable on loops. Tighten it up with ratchet.

To simplify this, how the leaf net works:

Place it on top of the above ground winter pool cover before leaves fell from the trees. It is the answer for a very tiresome removal of mess above the winter pool cover.

Whatever type of the above ground swimming pool cover, always remember to install it with the best of care as possible because any wrong move may damage the cover and the swimming pool as well.