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How Much Does a Pool Cover Cost?

Making use of a swimming pool cover is essential to maintain the pool in good shape, and to use it in the long run further. It is a swimming pool accessory that protects the swimming pool from dirt and debris. These factors can contribute to the clogging of the pool filters, so a pool cover is very much helpful in this case. Moreover, a pool cover can help safety children from drowning and maintains pool water heat likewise with the right ph balance of the pool water. It is also what primary needs to winterize the swimming pool in winter months. 

There are a variety of pool cover types, depending on the kind and size of the swimming pool, as well as what the swimming pool needs. So because of this, their cost differs from each other, as they provide specializations of their own and possesses quality indeed. 

Bubble Cover

A bubble cover is a solar swimming pool cover type. Bubble blankets, bubble covers, and solar blankets are some of the known names for this kind of protection. It called so because of this distinctive feature from the other pool covers.– The thermal bubbles. It resembles a bubble matt packaging material. It is economical when pertains to heating the pool water. Since it is translucent, sunlight can penetrate the pool water to give warm and keep the warmth secure as well. It costs $150-$700 on homeowners pools.

How Much Does a Pool Cover Cost?

Thermal Swimming Pool Cover

This type of pool cover works better in keeping the heat of a heated swimming pool but requires more budget compared with the mentioned bubble cover. Thermal pool blanket is another term for it,  made from materials like foam. It as well keeps the pool warm, reduces evaporation, and insulates the water the same way. Its distinctive feature from a bubble cover is that it cannot absorb natural heat. It is only best on keeping the warmth of a heated pool, but to gain heat requires a heat pump. It also has a beautiful look and costs about $900-$1,700.

Slat and Rigid Swimming Pool Cover

It claims to be the best out of all the other swimming pool cover types because of its superb insulation of the pool water, as well as reduces debris on pools. It commonly lasts longer than the other pool covers. It is automatic and considered the most expensive pool cover type, which ranges from $3,900-$12,000. Its installation should perform by professionals perse. It has tracks on the side for the opening and closing of the pool. For kidney-shaped and free formed pools, it is possible to use but needs rails to do so. It is best on swimming pools with straight sides.

Safety Net Swimming Pool Cover

It is merely a net, made up of chemical resistant material fitted on top of the swimming pool, thus secures safety. It is still possible to put another pool cover underneath the net safety cover. It can be either a solar cover or the thermal one. A safety net pool cover is the answer to the increasing number of accidental drowning in town. It usually costs $1,450-$4,300.